Repairs and Upgrades
Mattron can repair all versions of MC1 and MC3 module controllers. We provide free failure analysis and estimate before actual service order. Our technical team has expertise on system configuration, QNX and networking to meet most challenging repair needs. MC1 systems with QNX2 can be upgraded to MC3 with QNX4 as a product enhancement.
Refurbishment and Overhaul
Mattron offers refurbishment and overhaul of the controllers. Failing or nonfunctioning controllers can be completely refurbished to working production worthy condition.
System Controller, P100/16M
System Controller, P166/64M
System Controller, MC3
Module Controller, P100/16M
Module Controller, P166/64M
Module Controller, MC3
Chase Computer, P166 /64M
Chase Computer, MC3



Please contact us at (512)402-2233 or to ask about repair or purchase.